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This section will cover any media information that has been released pertaining to shows, products, and related materials but not limited to; Power Rangers/Super Sentai, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Barbie Collector, and Transformers. The latest information will be published for consumer knowledge as soon as possible, allowing for customers to be made aware of any future items that may be released on the JAM's Collectibles website.


14 OCT 2016 - Coming soon, Voltron Legendary Defender produced by Playmates set to be released January 2017!! I am truly excited for such as awesome event! It has been years since Voltron has seen the retail shelves and with the success of the hit series which premiered on Netflix back on 10 June, this line is sure to be a hit with adults collectors and kids alike!

These items will be made available on the website once released. Check back early 2017 for more details!! Here are some images in the meantime!!!    

 Playmates’ VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER Toy Line Helps You Protect the Universe (Exclusive)