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Legendary Ranger Key Pack (Samurai) - ToysRUs EXCLUSIVE

Legendary Ranger Key Pack C
  • Each pack includes 3 Power Ranger Keys
  • Set includes: Yellow Samurai, Translucent Green Samurai, Translucent Gold Samurai

Unlock the power of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce battle gear and Zords with the Legendary Ranger Keys! Each key activates features in other Super Megaforce items, including the Deluxe Legendary Morpher (38001), Battle Gear (38035, 38046, 38030), and all items in the Zord Builder collection (38070, 38080, 38110, 38090, and 38095). Each sold separately.

With three keys or more, you can also practice your strategy and precision to become the Mighty Mini Game Master! By choosing one of three Mighty Mini Games, you can showcase your power tactics and master ranger battle techniques as you challenge your friends. Scan the keys using the Power Rangers Scanner App to morph into your favorite ranger and battle evil. With dozens of Legendary Ranger Keys available, collect them all!

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