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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger - DX OtomoNin UFOmaru (UFO)


The second of the OtomoNins to be born out of a purified Sealing Shuriken that the Ninningers successfully obtained from defeating Youkai Tsuchigumo, the Sealing Shuriken transformed into OtomoNin Shuriken: UFO when the five Ninningers managed to raise their Nintality in order to defeat Youkai Ungaikyo, partly due to MomoNinger's perseverance in countering the Youkai's plans to spread fear.

Originally, this OtomoNin didn't make an appearance despite AkaNinger doing the usual summon like he did with Paonmaru previously, so AoNinger had to first form Shurikenjin Drago to chase after the enlarged Youkai Ungaikyo who wants to strike from outer space. However, due to the Youkai's space flight capabilities, this made Shirikenjin Drago's ascent a challenge in catching up and started to reach its limit in the upper atmosphere despite MomoNinger's insistence. As it did, the new OtomoNin finally made its entrance at the edge of Earth's atmosphere, allowing the combination to take place and defeat the Giant Youkai once and for all!

Note: Components can combine with DX Shuriken Gattai Shurikenjin, sold separately. 

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For ages 3 and up.

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