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Transformers Titans Return (2016) - Autobot Infinitus & Sentinel Prime (Voyager Class)


Each Titans Return Voyager Class figure features three modes! This Triple Changer Sentinel Prime figure converts between robot, space jet, and train modes. It converts from robot to space jet in 11 steps, then from space jet to train in 19 steps. The Titan Master Autobot Infinitus figure converts from robot to head and back in 1 step. When the Sentinel Prime figure is in either vehicle mode, the Autobot Infinitus figure fits inside. Figure set also includes a blaster accessory and a collectible character card with tech specs. 

Product Features:
Voyager Class Decepticon Sentinel Prime and Titan Master Autobot Infinitus figures
Triple Changer Sentinel Prime figure changes from robot to space jet to train
Titan Master figure becomes the head for the Sentinel Prime figure
Unite to power up for battle
Titan Master figure works with other figures (see description)
Figure scale: 7 inches

For ages 8 and up 

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